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Personal Umbrella

Umbrella Insurance

Our personal umbrella insurance helps you weather the unexpected.

Like a rain umbrella protects you from a spontaneous downpour, a personal umbrella policy can shield you from unexpected events. If there’s ever a time when your home or auto insurance coverage isn’t enough, umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection. It can protect against large liability claims that could be financially devastating.Not sure if you need personal umbrella insurance? Let’s have a frank conversation about the coverage it can provide.

An umbrella policy could protect you if:

  • You’re ruled at fault in a car accident.
    You’re sued and found liable for an amount well over the coverage included in your personal auto policy.
  • You leave your bonfire unattended and it damages a neighbor’s home.
    The damage to their house is substantially more than the coverage available through the liability amount of your home policy.
  • A guest slips on ice outside of your home.
    A guest attending your holiday party breaks her arm. She sues for pain and suffering, but your home insurance doesn’t cover all of her expenses.

Our personal umbrella insurance can help to keep you covered. With limits ranging from $1 million to $5 million, it can complete your package of insurance protection.

Talk to your agent about an umbrella policy today. Our personal umbrella insurance is available in Michigan and Ohio. Coverage is available in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire through our subsidiary, Patriot Insurance Company.

*To be eligible for a personal umbrella insurance policy, the auto insurance policy must be written with Frankenmuth Insurance.