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Cyber & Information Protection

Cyber and Information Protection

Our cyber insurance is always on, even when you’re offline.

In this day and age, cybercriminals looking for your customers’ names and personal data are everywhere. In fact, cyberattacks are now the fastest growing crime in the United States. Which is why businesses today need cyber insurance. 

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance provides a way to help your business plan for, and respond to, a cyberattack. At Frankenmuth Insurance, we package cyber liability insurance and data breach insurance coverage to help your business face cybercrime with confidence.

Our cyber coverage will help keep you protected, so you can worry less about:

  • Digital asset protection.
    A disgruntled IT employee intentionally destroys several critical files, compromising months of hard work.
  • Loss of income.
    A hacker deletes vital applications rendering your business unable to sell products for several days.
  • Privacy breach
    Your customer alleges you failed to prevent unauthorized access to their private personal information.

Our commercial cyber package, called Cyber and Information Protection Plus, provides coverage for:

  • Accidental release or theft of customers’ and/or employees’ private information—both electronic and paper
  • Lost revenue if your computer data is damaged or destroyed
  • Computer sabotage by a disgruntled employee or cyber criminal
  • Defense against allegations of privacy regulation violations

And it includes:

  • Your own data-breach coach and team of experts
  • Network security protection
  • Notification and identity theft expenses (credit monitoring, etc.)
  • Privacy breach costs
  • Defense coverage
  • Coverage against cyber extortion and terrorism
  • Multimedia liability coverage
  • Security and privacy liability coverage

Cyber and Information Protection Plus also equips you with cybersecurity protection tips, training information, response plans, and expert advice, available online 24/7.

Considering this coverage? Talk with an independent agent today to see how your business could benefit from Cyber and Information Protection.


of businesses in the US are underinsured by 40% or more.