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We make it our business to protect your business.

We know every business is different, and so is every business owner. That’s why we offer customized, industry-specific business owners policies and commercial package policies. Explore some of the leading business industries we specialize in protecting.

Auto Repair Shop

You fix vehicles on a daily basis, but you shouldn’t have to fix damage that’s done to your shop, too. That’s where we come in. Discover our business insurance for auto repair shops.


Protect yourself from the risks your business faces every day. Learn more about our business insurance for contractors.


We’ll build an insurance policy that will help keep your manufacturing business covered, designed with the features you need most. Explore how.

Retail Store

For your unique boutique, our mercantile business insurance for retail stores will protect everything that’s most important.

Small Business and Office

Your small business or office is home to thinkers and doers. Don’t just think about getting a business insurance policy to keep it protected; do it today.

Self-Storage Facility

For your locations, our business insurance for self-storage facilities is designed to protect what matters most.

Wholesale and Distribution

You store and distribute products. We’ll distribute peace of mind. Learn more about our wholesale and distribution business insurance options.

All of our experiences with Frankenmuth have been positive, and we feel very loyal to the company.


We had a great experience with this claim. Our Frankenmuth rep was very friendly and prompt in his response.


Amazing customer service. Quick response. Couldn’t be happier!


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