Let’s have a frank conversation.

Call us biased, but we believe a career in insurance is anything but boring or nerdy. In fact, it’s one of the most rewarding fields you can pursue.

Still wondering, “Why work in insurance?” See five major benefits we proudly geek out about.

  1. There’s room for upward and lateral growth. Insurance companies like Frankenmuth Insurance offer endless titles, trajectories, and job options. That means under the same company’s umbrella, there are careers in human resources, claims, product management, underwriting, finance, sales, marketing, IT, and so much more. Individuals can enter insurance on one path and discover other passions along the way. When you’re with an insurance company that values you as a person, it will help you hone those talents and move up or over to the area that’s the best fit for you.
  2. Your work is fulfilling. At its core, insurance is about helping people. It’s about getting a married couple protection for their new house. Helping a young family plan for the future with life insurance. Assisting a family during a claim for fire damage. Being there for a business owner who doesn’t know how much protection to get, or where to get it. Looking to give back and engage in meaningful, positive interactions? Look to a career in insurance.
  3. It’s easy to get started. Not an insurance nerd just yet? Not a problem. Many people enter the insurance industry at an introductory level right out of school. As they advance in the field, they can complete additional licensing, accreditation, and education to move up the ranks. But to get started you might just need the willingness to listen and learn.
  4. The job keeps you on your toes. The insurance industry is always changing. As technology advances, things like electric scooters, 3D printers, autonomous vehicles, video doorbells, and more have created new puzzles to solve when it comes to insurance. Because of that, insurance is anything but a stuffy, stagnant office job. It actually lets you look ahead and create real solutions for today and tomorrow.
  5. You become an expert in all things insurance. This one serves you well both at work, and at home. Working in insurance makes you an expert in the nuances of coverage and claims. When it’s time to get your own policy or file a claim for your personal property, you’ll know just what to do and where to start.

Start exploring the countless doors a career in insurance could open to you. Celebrate Insurance Nerd Day this year by taking the first step. Explore open positions at Frankenmuth Insurance – we have just the spot for you.