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Spring is in the air, which means your small business may be ready to re-open. After a long winter and harsh conditions, this is a great time to update and maintain your space from the inside out — and even online.

Improve safety and set yourself up for a year of success with these small business opening tips:

  1. Clean your space. Start spring cleaning with a little elbow grease. Declutter and sanitize your space, paying special attention to areas that are frequently touched.
  2. Organize inventory. If you carry inventory or merchandise, take time to organize it properly. Not only will it boost efficiency, it will help prevent trips, falls and accidents on the job.
  3. Review and repair damages. Did snow or ice damage your building’s roof, gutters, façade or pipes? Perform a thorough walkthrough before re-opening and fix damages promptly. Doing so could save more money down the road.
  4. Do a digital cleaning. Spring cleaning can apply to more than your physical space … it can apply to your online and digital presence, too. Take time to tidy your desktop. Clear the unnecessary clutter so you know where important information lives. This is also a great time to back up sensitive information to the cloud or to an external hard drive in case of flood, fire, theft, or machine breakdown.
  5. Update online passwords. When was the last time you changed your company’s passwords? The more often, the better. Use your spring business opening as a time to create new, secure passwords. You can follow these six tips for added protection.
  6. Consider your coverages. Does your business have all the coverage it needs? Have you expanded your services or product offerings? Take a moment to review your rates and coverages. Talk to your local, independent agent to see if there’s something you should add on, or if you can bundle policies for a better rate.

Our team is here to support you during a small business opening and year-round. Businesses small and large benefit from proper coverage, and yours could, too. Get started today.