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When the cold air rolls in, do you know how to keep it out of your home or business throughout the winter? We’ve gathered heat maintenance tips you can implement starting today. From small adjustments like closing the drapes to long-term solutions like attic insulation, these ten heat maintenance tips will keep your family and customers warm and cozy.

To improve heat maintenance:

  1. Switch the spin of your fan. Reversing the fan’s spinning direction to clockwise on a low speed during the winter helps circulate warm air near the ceiling around the rest of the room. Just look for a toggle switch on the fan’s base to adjust the direction.
  2. Move furniture away from heat sources. If your home or business is heated with vents or radiators, clear the path around them so air doesn’t get trapped and can flow freely
  3. Add rugs to floors. Concrete, wood, or tile floors can hold a winter chill in your home or business. Rugs add style and heat for your feet.
  4. Install insulated drapes. They’ll work double time, offering privacy and heat protection at night by creating an additional barrier between the window and your family. Make sure they don’t hang over your heat source, as this may prevent heat from circulating the room. Open drapes during the day to let in sunlight to help heat your home.
  5. Keep vent ducts open. Your furnace is designed to heat all areas of your home … so let it! Keep vent ducts open to promote proper heat circulation and distribution.
  6. Inspect window and door seals. A primary culprit of cool air entering a home or business is gaps around windows and doors. Reinforce seals with solutions like caulk, door sweeps, weather strips, insulation tape, or full window/door replacement. Solutions range in price, so you can choose the method accordingly, depending on the severity of the draft.
  7. Close your chimney flue. Since warm air can escape and cold air can enter from an open chimney, ensure your flue is closed when no fire is going.
  8. Change the furnace filter. A dirty furnace filter can keep your home or business from heating properly during winter months. Inspect and replace yours as advised.
  9. Insulate your attic, walls, and floors. Heat can escape through your home or business if there isn’t proper insulation in place (and can lead to issues like ice dams). Have a professional assess your structure and add insulation as needed.
  10. Reinforce the garage door. Opening and closing your garage door in the winter or leaving it open while shoveling/snow blowing snow can make your home feel colder. Consider adding extra insulation to your garage door if this becomes a problem. Or, make a point of promptly closing it to retain heat.

Now that you’re equipped with these ten winter heat maintenance tips, ensure your home and business are protected through every season. Talk to a local, independent agent about our coverages.