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There are several ways to make a payment. Choose what works for you.

Frankenmuth Insurance accepts electronic funds transfers (EFTs), credit cards, checks and money orders. Payments can be made online through this website or our mobile app; or, by phone, email, fax or mail. Frankenmuth Insurance is committed to protecting your cardholder data; therefore, we do not accept credit card payments received via fax or email. Credit card payments: Premium payments can be charged to your MasterCard, VISA or Discover card. Credit cards can be used for a one-time payment or recurring payments.

Online and Mobile:

Pay online through our password-protected program. You can pay by EFT or credit card. Online and mobile payments through Frankenmuth Insurance are safe and save time.


Call 844.488.9777 to pay over the phone by EFT or credit card.


Email your completed EFT Authorization Form to [email protected].


Fax your completed EFT Authorization Form to 989.652.9222.


Premium payments sent by check or money order will be applied to the account the day they are received. Please allow adequate mail time. Mail your check or money order to:

Frankenmuth Insurance

PO Box 88762

Chicago, IL 60680-1762

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