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Commercial crime insurance

Crime Insurance

We’re your partner in crime prevention and protection.

As a small business owner, you trust your employees to support your business and help it succeed. But unfortunately, sometimes that trust is broken by an act of crime. At Frankenmuth Insurance, we offer commercial crime insurance to protect you from damage or loss should an employee steal from you or a customer.

Commercial crime insurance protects businesses from things like:

  • Employee theft. Let’s say an employee on the closing shift breaks into your locked safe, vault, or cash register. Crime coverage would take care of loss or damage.
  • Forgery. Let’s say an employee forges your name on a check for a large sum of money. This loss would be covered by crime insurance.

Some covered crimes include:

  • Employee theft
  • Forgery or alterations
  • Inside premises (theft of money and securities, robbery or safe burglary of other property)
  • Outside premises (destruction, theft, or disappearance of your property)
  • Computer and funds transfer fraud
  • Money order and counterfeit money

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