Let’s have a frank conversation.

It’s a question you ask constantly: “Your car or mine?”

Whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, when you’re getting ready to go somewhere, you consider who should get you there.

Half of the time you drive, but the other half… you ride.

And when you find yourself riding, not driving, remember to follow the most important rules. To be a better passenger, just abide by this list of tips:


  • Wear your seatbelt. Don’t give the driver anything to worry about.
  • Text and ride. So the driver can’t text and drive, offer to respond or read — whatever they need.
  • Be the co-pilot. When you’re going to a new place, navigate.
  • Be an extra set of eyes and ears. When they’re backing out, see if someone’s behind them. When they’re turning, make sure the coast is clear. At night, watch for deer and other animals that may try to cross in front of you.
  • Control the music. It’s always easier (and safer) for the passenger to find the perfect playlist.


  • Be a backseat driver. More often than not, you’re just trying to help. But, pointing out everything the driver does wrong can actually do more harm than good.
  • Be too loud. When the music is too loud, it can affect a driver’s concentration. When passengers are too loud, the same thing can happen.
  • Turn on the lights. A bright light inside can make it so they can’t see outside.
  • Fall asleep. Keep your driver company, even if you have to keep caffeinated.
  • Grab the wheel. If you see an obstacle the driver doesn’t, the most dangerous thing you can do is scream or reach for the steering wheel. Instead, quickly and calmly let them know.

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