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There’s never a convenient time for a power outage… but somehow, it usually happens at the most inconvenient one. After all, doesn’t it seem like your electricity only goes out when your sheets are in the washer, your dinner is in the oven or you’re watching the last five minutes of your favorite TV show? Then, you can never find a flashlight, your phone is about to die and your faucets are entirely empty. It’s just the way it works, and it’s because of these moments and more that we encourage people to be prepared. You never know when you’ll lose power, but luckily, our experts know how to help.

Discover the nine things to have handy when you lose power:

  1. Flashlights – To prepare for life without light (especially at night), have a flashlight in every room or a flashlight for each person.
  2. Batteries – Without electricity, everyone becomes infinitely more interested in battery operated objects. Stock up on batteries and store them in a set spot, as you never know when you’ll need them.
  3. First-aid kit – When you’re moving around in the dark, you’re more likely to run into something and suffer a cut, scrape or bruise. Make sure you have Band-Aids, gauze, ointments, etc. easily accessible.
  4. Power company’s contact information – After all, they can’t restore your power unless they know it’s out.
  5. Cooler and ice – One of the worst things about a power outage (besides actually being without your power), is having to throw away most of the food in your refrigerator/freezer. While the experts say most food should be safe as long as the power is out for four hours or less, that’s not always the time frame you’re working with. With a cooler and ice, you can save most, if not all, of your perishable items.
  6. Non-perishable foods – More than likely, you already have food items that require no electricity to enjoy. However, if you don’t often have these options, you may want to pick some up during storm season.
  7. Bottled water – You’ll need drinking water, but you might also need bottled water to brush your teeth and wash your hands. Start with a case of water from your local grocery store, but know that you might end up needing more.
  8. Car charger phones, tablets and other electronic devices – Keep them charged (via your car), and you’ll be able to check the weather, contact your power company for a restoration update, keep your family and friends updated, and have it on hand in case of emergency.
  9. Board games – Because a power outage can be boring.

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